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Infrastructure for
High Scale eCommerce

BACKBONE is an api based and enterprise ready infrastructure solution. Designed for ambitious eCommerce companies with +100m revenue

Everything You Need to Scale Your eCommerce Website.

  • Products & Catalogs

    Manage your products in flexible, fully-searchable product catalogs your customers will love to use. Learn more

  • Orders & Stock

    Handle customers' orders and manage your inventory in real-time ... all from a single, standardized API. Learn more

  • Warehousing & Logistics

    Manage multiple carriers and dropshipping partners. Keep your customers in the loop with Push Notifications. Learn more

Introducing BACKBONE in one minute

Connect to Your
Favorite Tools.

BACKBONE easily integrates with the eCommerce tools you know and love.

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  • Go Global.

    Reach new countries, new markets, and new customers with support for multiple languages and carriers.

  • Stay Informed.

    Keep an eye on your eCommerce business from your powerful BACKBONE control panel.

Hey Developers!

You’ll love our standardized, user-friendly API and SDK.

See our documentation
const products = new BackboneProductsApi({
    apiKey: 'YOUR API KEY'

let product = products.findById(12345);
$sdk = new Aboutyou\Sdk\BackboneApi('YOUR API KEY');

$product = $sdk->products()->findById(12345);
sdk = 'YOUR API KEY')

product = sdk.products.find(12345) #=> AboutYou::SDK::Models::Product
const products = new BackboneProductsApi({
    apiKey: 'YOUR API KEY'

let products ={
    categoryId: 20202,
    filters:{isSale: true},
        field: 'price',
        order: 'desc'
$sdk = new Aboutyou\Sdk\BackboneApi('YOUR API KEY');
$products = $sdk->products()
    ->filter(['is_sale' => true])
    ->order('price', 'desc')
sdk = 'YOUR API KEY')
products = sdk.products
  .filter(is_sale: true)
  .order('price', :desc)  #=> Enumerator::Lazy

Hear from sellers, building with BACKBONE

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Sebastian Klauke
Chief Digital Officer of the Otto Group

"The modular API approach of the ABOUT YOU CLOUD can facilitate your transformation from a legacy IT infrastructure to a state-of-the-art eCommerce player. The cloud comes with all the services you need to run eCommerce businesses on a large scale and gives you the opportunity to enter new markets and new devices with ease."

Christian Leybold
General Partner

"The power of the ABOUT YOU CLOUD is not only the tech stack but also the opportunity to adapt efficient and proven workflows and processes for your eCommerce business. It can increase your operating efficiencies and economics."

Jack Levin
21st employee of Google
and founder of nventify

"The ABOUT YOU CLOUD approach for eCommerce as an API is great to scale your eCommerce business and stay flexible at the same time."

Lars Jankowsky
Founder of oxid and founder of

"Building large eCommerce infrastructures can be a pain. The ABOUT YOU CLOUD can solve this issue and gives you the freedom to build lightweight front-ends for any device."

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