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Modern, Dependable Infrastructure for Your eCommerce.

  • AWS-Based

    Reliably hosted in Europe with Amazon Webservice.

  • Horizontal Scaling

    Your projects will scale automatically, with built-in horizontal scaling. We currently serve 80Mio+ requests.

  • Securely Encrypted

    Sensitive data and payment details are kept safe using the latest encryption standards.

Proactive Internal Security.

Our internal security team will monitor our infrastructure, looking for weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Each quarter, they’ll report on possible security issues and work to resolve them … proactively.

ISO-Certified, Dependable Infrastructure.

Your data is safe here. BACKBONE runs on AWS, a highly-reliable, ISO-certified hosting solution. Backups are being automatically created and automated failover and recovery strategies are in place.

24/7 Support and Monitoring.

Our teams are on standby, watching for the slightest change in your system health, and ready to take action if anything looks out of place. If you do run into trouble, we’re here for you 24/7.

Bug Bounty Program.

We take security very serious. Therefore, we started a Bug Bounty Program on HackerOne.

  • Auto-Scaling

    Go big, stress-free. BACKBONE scales automatically, behind load balancers as your needs change and grow.

  • Horizontal Scaling

    Through queue systems, complex tasks are made manageable and scalable… horizontally.

  • Custom Database Setup

    Your needs are unique. We set up your database personally, to ensure it’s exactly right for you.

  • Firewall & DDOS Protection

    Relax, we’ve got you. DDOS Protection and Firewalls are in place and complimentary.

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