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Intuitive, Scalable Product
Management Tools

Organize and Update Your Product Catalog.

BACKBONE includes powerful features for updating your product data and structuring how they appear throughout your shop. Organize your products using attributes and tags; choose which merchants supply each product in your store (support for multiple merchants included).

Forget One-Size-Fits-All.

Your store is unique. Build a custom category tree with a hierarchy that makes sense to your customers. Easily filter by brands, prices, promotional status, or merchants.

Open Multiple Stores.

Target different markets by selling the same or similar products through multiple shops. Using the same inventory, easily create unique category trees to meet each market’s needs.

International Support.

BACKBONE structures your data in a way that’s easy to translate into other languages. Set up shops in multiple countries, serving customers in their local language. You’re even able to adjust prices per country, to account for differences in economies or logistics.

Promotions Made Easy.

Run new sales using our intuitive Campaign Manager. Promotions can run for as long as you’d like, target specific devices (e.g. mobile-only), and can be made available to only the countries and markets you specify.

Powerful Search for Your Entire Catalog.

BACKBONE’s intelligent full-text search is quick, flexible, and extremely scalable. Our powerful API servers allow you to dig deep into your entire catalog without caching.

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